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Thank you for your interest in the Black In Business Grant Program. Please review this list of frequently asked questions BEFORE completing the application. To further inquire, you may send us an email at

The Black In Business Grant Program is a 6-month grant program that exists to present an affordable alternative to finding, applying for and securing grant funding on behalf of nonprofits and for profits managed and owned by black entrepreneurs.
In short, yes. The program is 6-months in duration. Enrolled participants will receive one (1) well written grant proposal which will be submitted to 12 grant making entities over the period of six (6) months.
Enrolled clients will receive one (1), 12-15 page grant proposal containing the following segments:
Title Page and Cover Letter
Industry Background
Problem Statement/Needs Assessment
Program Goals and Objectives
Methods/Implementation Plan
Evaluation Plan
Future Funding/Sustainability
**may also include letters of support, personnel resumes, proof of eligibility
You may apply to participate in the program on our website. Please click here to apply.
Yes, you may submit that request to us in writing by email once you have been accepted into the program.
– Complete the application on our website.
– Allow up to 14 business days to receive Program Acceptance email (If you do not receive communication from us within the 14 day window, please reapply in January 2023)
– Schedule initial consultation to discuss business goals and program/project needs
– Sign & Return program documents
– Pay enrollment fee of $299.00
– Schedule video Welcome & Program Orientation
– Schedule Initial Funding Assessment consultation
– Off to the races!
An enrollment fee of $299.00 is due before program participation can begin.
The enrollment fee covers the first month’s service, initial grant, initial consultations.
Clients enrolled in the program will be billed (recurring) $79.99/month 28-30 calendar days from the date of enrollment and are subject to a monthly fee of $79.99/month for the duration of the program (5-months), thereafter.
No payment arrangements allowed.
No. We make no promises that proposals will be accepted by grant making entities as we have no control in those decisions. However, we can promise that we will go above and beyond to secure the needed funding on your organizations behalf.
  • Community Grants
  • Corporate Grants
  • Private Foundation Grants

Program participants must submit a valid, state-issued or government ID, whose name matches the managing member, founder or principal owner listed on ALL organizing documents included but not limited to:

  • Local, County and State organizing documents
  • Federal organizing documents
  • Youth Education
  • Childcare Programs
  • Spiritual/Religious
  • Environmental
  • Technology
  • Art/Cultural and Performing Arts
  • Science (S.T.E.M)
  • Education
  • Human & Social Services
  • Community Development & Revitalization
  • Environmental Diseases & Conditions
  • Animal Welfare
  • Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • Transitional Housing Assistance

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